a 21 day program of self love and Divine Sensuality

Are you ready to love yourself just a little bit more?

To deep dive into self care & self love?

To move your body and tap into that beautiful divine feminine that you are? 

To reprogram your mind into full acceptance & surrender?

To create healthy boundaries?

To tap into a beautiful community of women just like you?!

(If you said yes... Keep reading!)

Or skip all the noise and claim your spot!!

What you will you

21 Days of Meditations & Journal Prompts

You will be added to a group chat on Whatsapp where you will be sent daily recorded Meditations along with a powerful Journal Prompts to connect back to self...

4 Live (Zoom) Workshops

We will meet as a group once a Week (Monday's for an hour) to connect on different understandings, techniques, and practices regarding self love and self care.

3 Live (Zoom) Movement 

Every Friday we will hop on a live together and experience different movement classes and forms of expression to open up the heart center, and connect with the divinity that resides within.

1:1 Facetime Self - Love Photoshoot Session

You will receive a personal 1:1 Facetime session with me, where we connect together, meditate on self love & self acceptance, then finish with a beautiful divine sensual photoshoot where we capture your divine essence.

Sample Session

Start Date...

Begins 8.1 - Ends 8.22

This will be a powerful time to create this space of self love and awareness. Every portal opening allows us the chance to release old energies and manifest new beautiful ones!

Cost of Program...

$333 (Doors close July 27th)

I am only opening this program up to 15 Divine Feminines!


If you are interested and wish to learn more on payment plans,

please connect with me personally!

*Connect with me individually for payment options if needed!*

When we come together a with the same intention Magic happens..