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How I got to where I am now...

My spiritual journey began back in 2017 when I had finally decided to stop living a life that felt out of alignment with my highest self and soul mission.


I had been working as a server in restaurants for years while still aspiring to be a photographer/videographer on the side. I always knew I had a deep sense of love and compassion for people. I loved capturing the true essence of others and I truly enjoyed serving the world as a waitress because I felt like I made a little differences on a day to day basis in my small world. But I always felt something was missing. Always having the utmost curiosity when it came to metaphysics; I knew there were sides to spirituality that I had yet to uncover and experience.


Something in me shifted at the end of that 2017. I promised myself that I was going to shift my mindset and create healthier habits. January 2018 came along and I got serious with my meditation practice. I found a western practice called Aquarian style Sadhana that was taught out of a wellness center in Miami. We would gather at this space and practice kundalini yoga, chanted mantras and meditated from 4-6:30am daily (no days off). I dedicated 85 days straight to this practice, I then took a break and began again for 120 days mid summer. This may have been the "extreme" that my mind was searching for.


This practice opened me up to truly understanding how important a meditation was for your mental health. I had tapped finally begun experiencing a sense of calm and wellbeing, on a different level. A pure detox of anxiety and stress. Shortly after I landed an incredible job being the wellness event coordinator at that very place "The Sacred Space Miami", which later on I came to realize I had become my spiritual bootcamp.


Working at this space brought me full access to incredible workshops on; sound healing, mindset, yoga, and all different spiritual practices and understandings. It allowed me to not only understand these modalities, but I had the opportunity to deeply submerge myself in the events. I got to learn and experience incredible movement teachers like Sah D'simone and Taryn Toomey (Founder of The Class), sitting through book talks with Yung Pueblo and Kim Eng, practicing Kundalini yoga with the kundalini stars; Jai Dev and Guru Jagat (RIP), and being a part of incredible breathwork and ice baths workshops taught by Wim Hof's (aka The Ice Man) instructors and team. Not to mention I got to meet and connect with the amazing spiritual community that Miami had to offer, and the list goes on and on and on (forever grateful). 

What all of these experiences taught me was that we are all in search for some sort of "inner-peace". They taught me different ways to help our bodies come back to center, our hearts stay compassionate/open, and our minds to expand bringing on a sense of what it truly means to live. Living free of worries, free of anxiety, and free of fears. All these modalities and teachings bring us back to our truest, most divine form; Love.

Once COVID hit, I knew that it was my time to show the world what I had learned. I kicked off the "covid" year guiding meditations on Instagram live's (I had been guiding my coworkers in a mid day meditation twice a week); which lead to weekly zoom meetings; which lead to online workshops; which lead to me coaching and creating programs for those who were also seeking "enlightenment" or to be guided through the process of awakening. Once the world was back up and "running" I began doing in-person sound healing/reiki sessions, I threw events at hotels and parks, and now I am working remote in Mexico leading breathwork/meditation events and meeting with clients on line.

How did all of this come to being? Because I chose to do the work on myself. I chose to heal my mind and work past the pains and traumas of my life. It was all a decision. Everything is up to us. Always.

I would love to work with you. 

I am here for you. 

I understand you without even knowing you. 

Your soul-friend,