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Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful approach to self-exploration and personal empowerment that relies on our innate inner wisdom and its capacity to move us toward positive transformation and wholeness.

During the session you will feel like you've reached different states of consciousness. Some feel like this brings them out of body and truly allows them to see what it is they must release in order to move forward in their life!

In person Cost: $144.44

Package of 3 Session (in person): $388.88

Zoom Session: $111.11

Package of 3 Session (on Zoom): $288.88

Girl Relaxing

Please note, I am not a licensed physician. I cannot tell you that this WILL 100% cure you. I am not saying that this is the way to pursue any illness. I am not saying you will leave my session HEALED. 

But I can promise you will feel different! 

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