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I am so grateful I started this journey with Estefanía. I have learned that mentality is key to leading a happy life. Stay focused. Stay hopeful. Stay true to what you love most! Never settle. You got this. Keep Going!

- @caitlin.cepeda



“I knew instantly as soon as I spoke with Estefania that I had made the right decision in hiring her to be my coach. Working with her completely changed my life in the best way.  I felt unhappy and at a dead end before working with her but after working with her it was like I was tapping into my best self. She kept encouraging me and I learned so much that I will never forget and she gave me tools for life that I can use to navigate life. Every day I’m thankful for her mentorship because it has in a way it saved me and has given me a peace of mind.”

- @smilingkiara



“Estefania has changed my life! We met at a goddess circle and her energy was infectious. Joining her coaching program was one of the best investments I’ve ever made! She helped me tap into my spirituality and in that process led me back home to me. She helped guide me to myself and build a foundation inside of me that regardless of what happens in the outside world I can always come home to. She helped me create a new perspective on life and an inner peace that I am eternally grateful for. She is truly one of a kind and I’m so thankful to be able to call her a friend.”

- @theejennyvaldes



I am beyond grateful to have Estefanìa in my life. This journey has truly changed me in the most amazing way. She continues to teach me that a healthy mindset and body, is the key to true happiness. I feel more in tune with myself more than ever. Love yourself, believe in yourself, and everything will come together!

- @alanahasthekeys



“Doing the Aligned Mindset Coaching with Estefania was definetly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since our first conversation, I knew it was right, my intuition just knew my life was going to change. Everything I learned was exactly what ive been ive missing my whole life. I was enlightened on so many aspects and practices such as the power of connecting to my higher self, practicing silence and relaxing on a level I had never felt, connecting to my emotions and letting go through journaling. Estefania was the sweetest while guiding me through so all the resources she perfectly aligns for you to go through and holds you accountable to be your best version. Still feeling so grateful for all the practices I hold so deerly to my heart and everything I learned through those months. It came at a time in my life where I truly needed it more than ever, I would absolutely recommend it to everyone.”

- @gabbiepica



Working with Estefanía has truly been a life changing and transformative experience for me. I have seen beautiful and miraculous results in my thinking and consequently in my outer world. I have never felt more abundant! I feel aligned with my highest self and so supported by source energy. I can't wait to see what else we can manifest together!

- @jadedeanna



“I knew Estefania before she really dived into her journey and career as a spiritual life coach. It all started in 2016 on our road trip cross country together where she introduced me to meditation. From that day forward I learned so much about self love, my worth, being present, controlling my thoughts, my anxiety and the list goes on. Our friendship grew over the years and as her passion and knowledge for spiritual coaching grew so did I. She became my best friend and my mentor. Every time I went to visit or spoke to her I learned new practices, tips and tricks to rewire the mind and body. Anytime I had hit a low point, lost myself, had a break up, got off course, Estefania was the person I called. She holds a beautiful light in and around her that not only is calming and encouraging but she helps you discover that light within yourself. From constant mediations, to breathe work, to her group programs I continue to learn and grown and discover new things to tap into that help me through my journey. No matter how many times I fall off track she has always been there with open arms, an understanding heart and a helping hand. A big part of who I am today is because of the impact and influence she has had in my life. Estefania has the most beautiful kind loving soul and I am beyond grateful for her presence in my life. Her mentorship will give bring you the upmost peace of mind, discovery of self, and clarity to achieve your self help goals.”

- @christinarose10


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