Minds align

Imagine bringing a sense of peace and tranquility back into your office?


Did you know...


"Between 1999 and 2018, the rate of suicide deaths in the United States increased by 35%. Each year, approximately 47,000 Americans die by suicide, which equates to approximately 130 deaths each day. The majority of suicide deaths occur among working age individuals, and statistics show that the number of suicides enacted at work have reached record highs."


As the world continues to battle an ongoing pandemic, more individuals are at risk for experiencing decreased mental health as well as increased suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Now, more than ever, it is critical for organizations to evaluate the role they play in preventing suicide deaths, as well as strategize about ways to aid those considering suicide and effectively support suicide survivors after the death of a coworker."

 What if bringing your Employees together to create a sense of harmony and wellbeing could bring your business into a deep state of abundance?


What if...?


Twice a Week 

How much change do you wish to establish in your work environment? How important is it for you to bring so much calm that it creates an incredible ability for focus? 

This is a 3 Month Commitment. 

Cost: $2,200 - $3,500 per month (Price varies on company size)


Once a Week

Once a week is the beginning of true change. You will see a shift in your work environment and in the behavior patterns of your co-workers.

This is a 4 Month Commitment. 

Cost: $1,600 - $2,200 per month (Price varies on company size)


Once a Month

This can be promoted as a wellness offering to create a value for inner peace. We all must begin somewhere!

This is a 6 Month Commitment. 

Cost: $850 - $1,400 per month (Price varies on company size)