"Traditional life coaching focuses on structured strategies to help you reach a specific goal or goals, while a mindset coach focuses almost exclusively on a your inner thoughts, self-beliefs and behavioral patterns."

What will coaching with me look like? Imagine getting to call your best friend, no judgment, always loving, nurturing, and caring - just for her to guide you back to yourself. I am here to shift the way you are seeing yourself. I am here to guide you back to you. I have different teachings and understandings that will become part of your tool box for you to have a successfully peaceful life. It's all up to you to make a change. I am here to guide you through it. Always.

I am not a licensed therapist, I am here to help you come back to your own sense of peace. I am not here to talk about your past, I am here to help you step into your power! I am not here to pull you out of depression. I am not here to fix your life. I am here to guide you. I am here to be compassionate and loving. I am here to help you love YOU. 

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One Zoom Session $195

In this clarity call we focus on the present moment and how we can push you forward in a more aligned way, using the Subconscious Mind understandings.


1 Month Intensive $1,111

In this one month package we will meet weekly on zoom (4x), you will go through a series of teachings and understandings. You will receive one, one to one distant reiki or breathwork session!


2 Zoom Package $333

We will meet twice within this month to create goals and bring you into a deeper sense of alignment with self (minimum 2 month purchase).


The Monthly Series $555

Only available for those who have done my 1 Month intensive or 4 Month Transformation. We meet 4x a month, 2x on zooms and 2x on a catch up call. 


4 Month Transformation $3,333

In this incredible journey we will meet 5x a month, 2x on zoom, 2x on catch up calls, 1x for a distant healing session (breathwork or reiki).