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Spring Into Action: Release Old Patterns and Set New Intentions with the Spring Equinox! 2023

Spring has finally sprung, and with it comes the Spring Equinox! This is a time of renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation, as we shed our old patterns and embrace new beginnings. And let's be real, who doesn't love a fresh start? It's like getting a free pass to do a "do-over" on life.

So, how can we tap into the energy of the Spring Equinox and make the most of this fresh start? Well, one powerful way is through ritual. Whether it's lighting candles, smudging with sage, or setting intentions, there are many ways to connect with the energy of the season and release old patterns.

One simple yet powerful ritual to try is to write down any old patterns or limiting beliefs that you're ready to release. Maybe it's negative self-talk, procrastination, or a fear of failure. Whatever it is, write it down on a piece of paper and then burn it, letting go of those old patterns and making space for new possibilities.

Another powerful ritual is to create a Spring Equinox altar. Gather items that represent renewal and growth, such as flowers, seeds, and crystals, and place them on a table or shelf. Use this altar as a focal point for meditation, intention setting, and gratitude.

As we enter into the new horoscope cycle of Aries, it's also a great time to set new goals and intentions for the year ahead. What do you want to achieve in the coming months? What steps can you take to make those dreams a reality? Take some time to journal and reflect on these questions, and then set some clear and specific intentions for the months ahead.

Of course, it's not just about setting goals and intentions - it's also about taking action. So, what steps can you take today to move closer to your dreams? Maybe it's signing up for a course or workshop, reaching out to a mentor, or simply taking a small step in the direction of your dreams.

If you browse through my website I offer a variety of services to support you on your journey towards greater self-awareness and personal growth. From mindset coaching programs to employee wellness services, there are many ways to get involved and start creating a life of greater joy, peace, and fulfillment.

So, as we celebrate the Spring Equinox and the start of a new cycle, let's take this opportunity to release old patterns, set

new intentions, and take action towards our dreams. Together, we can make the most of this fresh start and create a life that truly aligns with our deepest desires.

I love you! Always....

Your favorite Mindset Coach, Sound Healer, and Meditation Guide at your service!

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