Lions Gate Portal Opening

Guided Meditation

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The function of the Lion's Gate Portal Activation is to prepare our physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies for a significant shift in consciousness.


Can you feel the shift? On August 8th, we welcome in the opening of the Stargate.

As we ALL know, these past few months have been INTENSE.

As we’ve witnessed some radical planetary retrogrades,

we are also seeing our world shakeup. 


We are calling in change. Calling for the new earth.

Ready to experience more love in this reality.

But first, we must be grounded and we must want this for ourselves.

In numerology, 8 is a powerful manifestation number. 8 is the number of power, money, and abundance. This is the opportunity to be courageous as you set your intentions and open your heart to the abundance of the Universe.


Be willing to receive the love that is coming in.

As you allow yourself to anchor in this energy, you are able to give it out to the world.


Let us Manifest. 

Let us Reset, Together. 

Are You Ready?

This 8 Day Guided Meditations
Journey​ will begin Aug 4th - 11th 

This is our time to truly go inward and establish our true hearts Desires. 

  • We will meet everyday at 7am on Zoom for 8 days (this zoom link will be sent to you upon purchase)

  • There will be a new journaling prompt daily sent to your email

  • The guided meditations will not be recorded, you must attend to reap the benefits. I LOVE YOU.


When we come together

to heal together

to manifest together

to grow together

we help to further

change the world


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