Pluto in Retrograde

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Oh Pluto...

Pluto is the planet of transformation, death, rebirth, power and control - Our spiritual growth will be moving extremely slow in this period…


This retrograde will have you going INWARD (retrograde runs from Apr 27th - Oct 6th), and….


+ You will be required to think about your own personal power in regarding your personal and work relationships

+ It will shed light on the areas in your life you wish you had more control over (health, wealth, and relationships)

+ Will bring up aspects of your life that need to completely burn down in order for you to rebuild 


So basically look at Pluto as the planet that works on building demolition, blowing up whatever is false and rotten in order to rebuild from the ground up.


It’s time to rebuild. 

It’s time to go inward. 

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21 Days of Guided Meditations
will Begin May 11th - 31st 

This is our time to truly go inward and release what no longer serves us. 

  • We will meet everyday at 7am on Zoom for 21 days (this zoom link will be sent to you upon purchase)

  • There will be a new journaling prompt daily sent to your email

  • The guided meditations will not be recorded, you must attend to reap the benefits. I LOVE YOU.

  • A week after our 21 days of guided meditation (Sun Jun 6th @ 6pm) I will be doing a burn ceremony/sound healing meditation in person on the beach, anyone in the Miami area will be invited to meet and join us in person. Otherwise I will record and send to those that we’re not able to make it. 


This is our moment to fall deeper in alignment with our dreams and disconnect from anything that has been holding us back for so long. 


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