21 Day Redesign Your Mind Program


Is this for you?

What if I told you, you could shift from...


I can't that's too expensive

I have to work hard to get the things I want in life

I can't change the way I see things, I am a realist and this is just the way I am *Shrugs*


Let's do it! I believe we live in an abundant Universe!

Abundance comes to me easily

I now understand the Laws and Principles of the Universe, and I know I can change the way I think

It's Possible for Them, It's Possible for YOU!

Tell me more!!

The mind is a WILD and BEAUTIFUL thing that we will never fully comprehend.

This Program is created to help you Redesign the way you think when it comes to abundance!


  •  You will become a part of a Instagram group community message, led by me, Estefania aka @alignwithme

  • You will be given a task everyday and a certain *Surprise* Audio to listen to for 21 days!

  • You have 24hrs to complete the daily task, once you have done so you are to send a check mark into the group

  • FULL DISCLOSURE:  If you miss a day of connecting with a check mark, you will be lovingly opted out of the group (no refunds) This is for you my love, this is so that you can truly transform!

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