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womb-en manifest

Spring Equinox & New Moon Cirlce

Date: Wed. April 19th

Time: 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Where: Estefania's Apt.

North Bay Village, FL.

Cost: $35

Gather 'round, my beautiful and powerful womb-en!✨

As we come together to manifest, create, and uplift one another in pursuit of our dreams. It's in these moments, where we hold ourselves accountable and support each other with unwavering love, that we truly harness the power of the divine feminine. So let us join hands and hearts, and watch as miracles unfold before our very eyes! ✨

Get ready to embrace the magical and delicious energies of the new moon. Every event brings a unique opportunity to tap into the celestial forces of the cosmos and honor the astrological sign that's taking center stage that day. So come on and join us as we manifest our hearts' desires and dance under the enchanting glow of the new moon.✨

What you can expect: ✨
+ Breath-work
+ Vision Board-ing
+ Kundalini Yoga
+ Sound Healing & Meditations
+ Tea Ceremony
+ Mantra Singing
+ Reiki Circles ✨

When: ✨✨
+ Wed April 19th
+ Estefania's Apartment (address disclosed on ticket)
+ $35 (only 10 spots available each month)
What to bring for this one:
+ Journal
+ Meditation Cushion
+ Blanket
+ Snacks (optional)

"Doors" lol open at 6:15pm we will begin the event by 6:50pm latest!
Please be on time my beautiful Miami-ans hahaha

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